The Conservatives Won The Election. Yes, It Is A Shame, But Get Over It

It seems a significant portion of the left disdain democracy. If a result doesn’t go their way they childishly throw their toys out of the pram, vandalise World War Two memorials (on VE Day no less) and hike their prices up for anyone who voted Tory. I’m not only referring to the temper tantrums that took the form of the Downing Street protests, but the general aggressiveness plastered all over social media networks towards anyone who disagrees with their point of view. They cannot possibly comprehend how anyone would disagree with them; they’re so clever and morally superior after all. The amount of “The British public have shown themselves to be selfish, inconsiderate, blah blah blah” plastered on my Facebook and Twitter timelines makes me want to vomit from a self-righteousness overdose. I would rather Labour had won as well (best of a bad bunch), but that is about all I share in common with the left. The way they look down from their high horse on all who have a different opinion from them makes me want to vote Conservative just to piss them off. That is, if I wasn’t worried about a murderous retaliation.

Of course, they could respond by saying that the Conservatives weren’t democratically elected because they only got 37% of the overall vote. That doesn’t change the fact that the Tories have the largest mandate out of all the parties to form a Government. More people voted for them than any other party. Is this protestable? I think not.  Also, why aren’t the left focusing their efforts on promoting electoral reform rather than villainizing anyone who had the audacity to vote for, in their words,”Tory Scum”. It’s because they realize that they were absolutely fine with it when Labour won the election of ’05 with a similar percentage of the votes. Moreover, if Labour had won last week with 37% of the votes I would have been very surprised at any outrage from Labour voters about the lack of proportional representation. Indeed, the Liberal Democrats have been pushing electoral reform for the last forty years or so. Labour supporters took no notice of them when they were winning. Then, once they get well and truly trounced, they decide the system needs a good old shake up. UKIP supporters have even more reason to be outraged, with their 4 million votes returning a solitary seat. But of course, the left are perhaps even more dismissive of the 4 million UKIP voters than the 11 million Conservative ones.

It’s very easy to paint people as evil. It very much helps if one wants to hate. Thus, we see a large proportion of the left now painting Conservative MPs and voters as evil, or selfish, or murderers, or working-class haters. By branding them as such, it very much helps people hate the Conservatives. However, this is illustrative of this new aggressive movement on the left against those who don’t share their ideology. This is not helpful, and not a good place from which to start dialogue and debates. I don’t know if the left have ever considered this, but perhaps those on the right genuinely believe that their methods will cultivate a higher quality of life or a better society to live in than the left’s. Perhaps they do believe in looking after the vulnerable, and that their methods are more efficient or more productive than the left’s. Perhaps, as Osbourne et al keep saying, they genuinely do have a long term plan which will benefit the nation in years to come. Perhaps they are in politics for the right reasons. I don’t know the truthfulness of these statements, but my point is that one must assume these statements to be true. One must assume that the Tories are in it for the right reasons. To assume the opposite is not conducive to dialogue, debate and progress. It creates intolerance and hatred.

After all, the fact of the matter is that we are in massive debt. We have a deficit to overturn. This is not debatable. Yes, we all believe that the rich and powerful could pay more taxes and help out a bit more. I don’t believe that raising the highest rate of tax by a few percent would send people running. It is unfair that Amazon only pays 0.5% tax, while the poor are hit by cuts. However, I think we must assume that the Tories mean what they say when they claim that the country could in fact lose more money than it gains by raising taxes on the rich. You may not agree with it (I certainly don’t), but to assume that they simply hate the poor is a bit much. Moreover, Labour would not have solved these problems of corporatism. It was just as prevalent during the New Labour years.

This spoiled reaction seems to have come from surprise as well as outrage. The left genuinely believe that everyone thinks like them. After all, those who don’t agree with them are complete morons, so surely non-morons outnumber the morons? Apparently not. However, the left should not be surprised. There seems have been a backlash against ‘shy Tories’. This result was such a surprise because of the amount of voters who are not brave enough to admit they are voting Conservative out loud. Well, I can’t blame them to be honest. If I was a Tory supporter I would be very wary about who I would admit that to. You see, the left would have people be ashamed for their political choice, ashamed for exercising their democratic right. They would be labelled many undesirable things (as mentioned above) which would seriously damage one’s street cred.

The reason the left believe that everyone thinks like them, is I believe, because they only mingle with each other. I notice a reluctance to associate themselves with anyone who isn’t that way politically inclined. They hang out with each other, slag off the heartless Tories and racist Ukippers, all while reinforcing each other’s moral virtuousness. This does not work when it comes to election time. If one wishes to convince someone of something, the favoured method is to engage them in discussion and debate, and bring them round to one’s way of thinking. Calling those who disagree with you scum, evil or self-interested, all while snobbishly keeping to your own lot is a sure fire way to turn people in the opposite direction. This is what has happened. This is why Labour were battered.

We live in a democracy, sometimes we won’t get what we want. However, democracy is precious and is something to be cherished. We cannot throw it away. Yes, the Conservatives won. It’s a shame, but get over it. You do not have a right to moan. The people have spoken.

By Olly Tozer

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