Bristol Uni LGBT+ President Defends Prosecuting Milo Yiannopoulos in Interview

Full Offence

I had a discussion with the University of Bristol Feminist Society Social Media Officer Francesca Collins on the NoneOfTheAbove YouTube channel on 4/11/15 about whether it would be right to “no platform” Milo Yiannopoulos from a deabte on 20/11/15 at the University of Bristol.

The video (below) now has almost 150,000 views after Francesca Collins abandoned the conversation after five minutes of what was set to be a talk lasting around an hour and a half.

Below are excerpts from an interview I conducted with Bristol University LGBT+ President Charlie Oxborough in response to the video. She also defends “no-platforming” Yiannopoulos .

What made you feel compelled to address this issue after the initial FemSoc video?

Initially I stayed out of the online arguments for two reasons. Firstly, arguing online is really not my thing. I’ve rarely seen those back-and-forth paragraph arguments end with a mutual agreement, other than to disagree. Secondly, our society strives…

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3 responses to “Bristol Uni LGBT+ President Defends Prosecuting Milo Yiannopoulos in Interview

  1. The interviewer in this is being unbelievable. He comes across so unprofessionally trying to take what she’s saying out of context, never mind the general passive aggressive tone of this whole interview.
    He has a bright future ahead as a hack for some shit stirring publication


    • I actually ran the article by her before posting it. She approved it and said it represented her views accurately. I don’t think I was being passive aggressive. I generally am quite a calm interviewer. You could check our YouTube channel for proof of that.



  2. “They believe his opinions violate the safe space policy”.
    It better, making spaces where people can’t be criticised is stupid. If someone is being intimidated or judged unfairly, refute them. Banning words is stupid. If someone is being offensive, argue with them. Education should be about learning, challenging idea’s.

    How weak are you?

    Black people are not helped by banning the word nigger. I would never use it to identify someone because I know the history and don’t want to offend the person. But to ban the word hides the problem of racism. Even banning racism is useless, just explain to racists why it’s stupid to be racist. Hiding the problem only makes it harder to discuss problems.


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