A chat with an IS supporter

Isaac Cohen (@IHWCo) conducted an interview over Direct Messaging on Twitter with an IS supporter. This particular supporter regularly has his account shut down. He would not disclose where he lived but said that he was not a fighter; he focuses on propaganda. What follows is the untouched interview:

Q. Why did you become an IS supporter?

A. Because IS represents the real, masterful, superior Islam. IS follows Sunnah and Quran to the letter. It’s a power that stands for justice in the face of tyrannous Arab regimes (corrupt, submissive puppets of the West), IS fights repression, corruption and backwardness imposed upon them by Western Imperialism. IS is our hope for a better future for the upcoming Muslim generations….

Q. And what led you to IS?

A. Their righteous actions, their strength & potency, and their success.

Q. IS goals?

A. In short: Islamic dominance & renaissance (because justice can only be brought by power and dominance) + Islamic unity (represented by Caliphate), unity between muslims from the east and west leads to a powerful Muslim nation.

Q. Just in the Middle East or more?

A. More of course. IS wants all of the Muslim lands, ME, North & East Africa, South Asia, Andalusia (Spain) & Italy.

Q. Why can you only be a full Muslim and Practice your religion 100% in the Caliphate?

A. Living under God’s Law is how you become a real monotheist, a full Muslim.

Q. Why do IS fighters fight? (I.E For revenge, religion, land etc etc).

A. All of the above. They fight for justice and Muslim rights too.

Q. What does it mean to live in Humiliation? Does this mean or include living under Man’s laws and self made governments instead of living under God’s laws?

A. Yes. Humiliation also means that our Islamic nation isn’t glorious that it used to be.. it became a weak nation after it was a sovereign civilization, we were on the offensive now we’re on the defensive.. A Muslim man or woman cannot practice their religion freely anymore, they live under restrictions, security prosecutions.Their simple religious rights (like growing a beard or wearing a veil) are banned in some secular Arab states and democratic Europe. 

Q. What is considered a greater sin: A Muslim killing another (innocent) Muslim or A Muslim not living under the Laws God gave?

A. This needs to be explained in details. Like: why wouldn’t a Muslim live under Sharia if he/she can? Does he/she have a proper excuse for residing in Darul Kuffr and not immigrating to Darul Islam (Caliphate)? But killing an innocent Muslim is surely a major sin. The killer faces death penalty in the Islamic criminal law, whereas there’s no punishment for a Muslim living in Darul Kuffr.. but he’s considered a sinner anyway.

Q. How can so many fighters be willing to kill them selves just to kill the enemy? Is this the ultimate act of unshakable faith?

A. Of course it is!! It’s because they’re absolutely certain of their fate after death (Heaven). Performing Hijrah & Jihad are the most loved deeds to God. Martyrdom means you’re going directly to Paradise in the Hereafter. I know Kuffar & atheists mock us for this 🙂 But if they were smart enough, they’ll understand that this is how you make brave armies & fearless warriors. This is how you make them overcome the fear of death. Our soldiers are ready to fight to the end & die, while enemy soldiers lack the morale & will to fight 😉 Ben Careson said about ISIS: “but they’re willing to die for what they believe in, while we are busily giving away every belief and every value for the sake of political correctness?” No American is willing to die for Obama, as well as there’s no Muslim who is willing to die for al-Baghdadi. They only die for God & paradise (this comes first), and for the greater sake of their Muslim nation.

Q. What would happen to all the disbelievers if IS took over the world? Are atheist and agnostics allowed to pay Jizya and consider them selves living subdued and in submission safely?

A. I don’t think IS will take over the world, but I believe they’ll become a feared superpower one day (we have the “balance of terror” theory in Islam too) Yes, the disbelievers under muslim rule should pay the Jizyah to be allowed to live and be protected, I’m not sure about the atheists tho?? I have to search, ask a scholar about this and look for it.

Q. If somehow Iraq and Syria fall, do you think IS would give up? Do you think they would go to Sirte, Libya and try again?

A. They will never give up. Even if they lose in Syria and Iraq. The ideology itself is alive. Next generations can carry on. 

Q.Why has IS been so successful?

A. Maaany reasons! -Devoted, successful leadership??. -IS has a reasoning narrative. It can easily attract minds & hearts. -Unlike other jihadi groups, IS has a big project to offer (Caliphate), which is now most needed to confront & counter other evil, anti-Islam projects in the region (Russian/Iranian/US/Western colonial ambitions & interests in MidEast). -Independence! IS isn’t anyone’s bitch. They don’t receive aid from foreign powers who dictate their orders & enforce their agendas. IS is working on their own. Their strength lies on this. -and of course, they’re successful because God promised those, who follow his orders & make His religion prevail, to aid them and make them triumphant.

Q. What is worse: the Shia or the Jews?

A. Both are the same. We believe Shiism has originated from Judaism. (The founder of the Shia sect is Abdullah bin Saba’, a Yemeni Jew who pretended to be a Muslim to infiltrate Muslim ranks).

Q. Why are Shia considered Disbelievers?

A. Because they’re polytheists. They worship dead people & call upon them for help..

Q. Do you think IS will be successful [in their ultimate goals]? Do you think they really do have Allah on their side?

A. I don’t think, I believe that.  It can easily attract minds & hearts. Pardon my poor grammar and typos. I’m not a native English speaker.

Q. Is there anything you would like to say to people or would like them to know?

A. I would like them to stop hearing about IS, and to start hearing from them.

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