The Regressive Left strike again – this time against Labour MPs who voted for action in Syria

On Wednesday this week Parliament voted for airstrikes against ISIL in Syria. Over a hundred more MPs voted for the airstrikes than against, with sixty-six of those from the Labour Party (after Jeremy Corbyn gave his MPs a free vote). The vote went as expected, with the considerable rebellion within Labour ultimately insignificant due to the huge support throughout the rest of Parliament for the motion. The petulant toddler tantrums ejaculated from the superior, regressive left also went pretty much as expected.

Whatever one’s views on what action (or non-action) we should take in Syria, we are a democracy, and should respect Parliament’s decisions thus. Intimidation tactics should have no place here, where reasoned and thought-out discussions, conversations, and debates are how we make our decisions. Anyone engaging in intimidation tactics has shown themselves to be in contempt of democracy and are people who we should treat with similar contempt. They attacked Nigel Farage in front of his children, they spat at media figureheads, and they vandalised World War II memorials in the wake of the Conservatives victory in the General Election. These same people have shamed themselves once again by employing thuggish tactics against multiple Labour MPs to demonstrate their righteous outrage.

Stella Creasy MP was one of the main targets of the regressive left. The failed Deputy Leader candidate actually had to leave the debate early as her staff had said they were beginning to feel threatened by the hordes of abusive phone calls they were receiving.


Protesters outside Creasy’s office the night before the vote

Creasy (along with other MPs we will look at) also had her Wikipedia page tampered with. The page said she “stabbed her constituency in the back by pursuing a vindictive right wing colonial war agenda in the middle east”. As so often with the regressive left, they employ the term “right-wing” as the ultimate insult, and as if this wins them the dispute. For these people, anything that is bad is “right-wing”, anything that is good is “left-wing”. It is as simple as that – the world is split into good and evil, left and right. The page then fabricates a quote from the MP saying that she supported war in “Iraq, Libya and now Syria because we owe it to our nation to ensure our value are the dominant values globally, especially in the middle east where Muslims hate what we stand for”. It’s what they do so well, lies and slander. Needless to say she never said this; it is just something the regressives would have liked her to say because it would have fitted in nicely with their vitriolic campaign. Besides, if you’re going to make up a quote to slander a reputation, make sure it’s bad. What’s wrong with promoting democracy in a region rife with dictatorships and Islamist movements anyway?

Neil Coyle MP has had to get the police involved over a death threat he received via Twitter for his support of the aerial campaign in Syria.


The police have had to deploy numerous guards for various Labour MPs who have received death threats as a result of the vote. Mr Coyle put it very well when he said that it is “not great use of their resources when they are being squeezed by the Government already, I would prefer them to be out doing real police work than trying to defend me from someone who may or may not turn up and is misusing Twitter to make a threat”. Bear in mind, many of these people are social justice warriors who claim protect those in need. Their actions are causing the government to spend money on body guards for these MPs that could go on far worthier causes. In this regard, the social justice warriors are shooting themselves in the foot.

Of course the most high profile minister to receive the wrath of the regressives is Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn. His speech in the Commons received much praise from the media and no doubt swayed many of the undecideds in the room to vote with the motion. It also directly opposed Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s stance. So, although many were quick to praise Benn, it also made him an obvious target. He was attacked with disgraceful, and inevitable, comparisons to his father. Some commented that his father “would be turning in his grave”, other asking “what would your father think?” etc. As if they knew Tony Benn better than his son or as if Hilary cannot be his own man and must always act for the approval of his late father. Pathetic. The Shadow Foreign Secretary also had his Wikipedia page altered like Ms Creasy.


I could go mention Liz Kendall being called “scum” or Peter Kyle being sent a picture of a dead baby through his letter box, but I shan’t. The point has been made I hope. The enlightened, superior, regressive left have gone full circle. In their desperation to win people over to their way of thinking, their thuggish intimidation techniques are actually pushing people away.





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