The manspreading song

By Sam Sholli

The discussion I had with YouTuber Gryffix was released on our YouTube channel on 19/12/2015.

During the exchange we discussed feminism, political correctness, Islam and much more.

At the two-minute mark we began covering the topic of feminist complaints about manspreading.

Manspreading refers to the practice of a man sitting in public transport with his legs wide apart, thereby covering more than one seat.

I responded to Gryffix raising this issue with an eccentric chuckle closely followed by an unconventional sigh of exasperation.

This followed my use of the phrase: “don’t get me started on manspreading.”

Unfortunately for me this has not gone unnoticed.

A long-time follower of the channel, Tim Lloyd Davies, has remixed it in the form of a song.

Listen to it below:

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