Whatever has happened to the Left?

What has happened to the Left? Where has their ambition gone? Where have their values gone? They no longer stand for anything of import. At least, not in my mind. In their mind, they are warriors standing up against a tide of oppression sweeping the nation. In reality, they are authoritarians encouraging a totalitarian culture of political correctness.

The left used to have noble goals, they used to aim high. Now, they just seem to be a bunch of self-entitled, thought policing, no-platforming, Islamist apologists and 3rd wave feminists fighting for complete non-issues. They used to fight against fascism, against discrimination and against the capitalist system. Now, they are staunch apologists of the only source of fascism that has any danger of percolating society – Islamism and Jihadism. Now, they fight for discrimination – they may see it as ‘positive’ discrimination, but it is discrimination nonetheless – more deserving people will always lose out with this kind of thing.

The pillars of guidance that the Left look to these days are those such as Noam Chomsky. As a result, men like him have festered a culture of anti-Western hatred among his followers. This kind of vitriol was behind the disgraceful criticism of the Charlie Hedbo cartoonist’s in the wake of their death, and the constant excuses for people who would seek to do us harm. In Christopher Hitchens’ words “It’s a bit much to be told that these people . . . wouldn’t be this way if we weren’t so mean to them”. As if it is anybody else’s fault but their own.

No, the once respectable left has lost all sense of self. It no longer knows what it stands for. Most of the Labour MP’s are simply soft Conservatives. And the leadership (Corbyn, McDonnell et al) have sold out. Corbyn, who before becoming party leader would never have given in to multi-national corporations, has been bullied into a u-turn on Europe. More worryingly, most of the Left agree with him. Where Corbyn once agreed with the excellent Tony Benn that, in Jonathan Pie’s words (of RT) “The EU is basically a massive collective sock for corporations to wank in to”, he has now let these very same corporations control him like they do everything else. Why the Left is in favour of a fundamentally undemocratic institution that is drifting towards an evermore totalitarian regime simply because some super-rich trans-national corporations might have to pay a bit more seems to me against everything they should stand for.

Let me remind the Left of what they should be standing for – the real issues.

The following graph by the Institute of Fiscal Studies should tell you everything you need to know about the state of society at the moment. The graph tells us who would lose out the most in the next five years under the Tory Government:


The graph shows how much each demographic should lose under the Tory Govt in the next 5 years. Poorest on the left, richest on the right

It’s not even close. As a percentage of their wealth, we can see that the poorest in society are going to lose up to 8.5% of their current wealth. Conversely, some of the richest might actually be better off. As you can see, we are NOT ‘all in this together’ as Cameron et al would laughably claim. The results of this IFS study are an absolute disgrace to the Government. However, in the capitalist system such as we have, I don’t think we could expect anything different than the Government rewarding the super-wealthy for their success. The system encourages this dog-eat dog mentality. It is not an ethical system. It is one that prioritizes profit over all else.

It is a system that is responsible for the trans-atlantic slave trade, for child labour, for the plundering of the world’s resources, and for the rise of Donald Trump ( he is in his position purely because of his wealth and the influence that brings). It is a Corporatist system. People may argue that this isn’t capitalism, but for me, the best companies in their respective fields are always going to rise to monopolize the markets, and thus hold significant leverage over the Government of the time. Corporatism is the inevitable progression of capitalism.

Let me implore the Left to go back to your roots. Focus on issues like these, issues that really matter. I don’t want to hear about non-issues like the amount of women in science labs, or the amount of ethnic minorities represented in boardrooms. Grow some balls, think big. The current system needs an overhaul. It needs to be completely re-structured. The class system, for instance, needs to be focused on a lot more. Many black people happen to be working class. If they are discriminated against thus, it because of classism rather than racism. People don’t really care about the colour of skin. But they do care about how you speak, how you dress, and where you come from. In this regard, we still live in a society with significant feudal influences; and we still live in a society with a monarch. These are the kind of conversations we need to be having; not pointless arguments about the appropriateness of the use of the word “darling”.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.

3 responses to “Whatever has happened to the Left?

  1. While I agree with much of your analysis of the problems of the current left I am less concerned that you that capitalism always leads to the formation of monopolies.It is the consequence of regulation, state intervention and patent law that allows monopolies to develop and thrive. A free market would always have place for a competitor and the problems we see arise because of regulatory meddling rather then being a natural consequence of capitalism.

    We can agree on the need to fight discrimination, to fight to defend civil liberties and the need to fight to improve the lot of the poorer among us. However, a society which uses the market to exchange goods and services is an extremely important human development and one we should not throw away. As Benjamin Tucker said “The economic principles of Modern Socialism are a logical deduction from the principle laid down by Adam Smith in the early chapters of his “Wealth of Nations,” which is very similar to the position of Proudhon.

    There is a danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater when faced with the problems of capitalism (cronysim, corporatism, etc) we don’t recognise the value of the “free market”.


  2. Thanks for your comment.

    I’d be interested to push you further in your belief that too much regulation is the reason behind corporatism? Because it seems to me that we don’t have enough atm. Surely if we left people to their own devices it will inevitably mean people rise to the top and come to dominate?

    In regards to throwing the baby out with the bathwater – I’m not advocating completely getting rid of the free-market. We still need a free-market of sorts, just with more regulation in order to protect those people and those values that need protecting. Besides, I’ve always seen Socialism as a soft form of capitalism anyway – i’m by no means advocating the anarchist position of Proudhon.


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