Ben Sharipo will NOT vote Republican should Trump get nomination

By Charlie Bayliss

Ben Shapiro has declared he will not vote for Donald Trump if he were to win the Republican nomination for President.

Shapiro, former editor at, took to Twitter to say he would either vote for a third party or abstain in the presidential election if Trump was the Republican candidate.

This follows Shapiro’s resignation from his role as editor of Breitbart following the sites lack of support for Michelle Fields following her alleged assault by Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Shapiro has been vocal in his opposition against Trump following his departure from Breitbart but this could be an important moment in the presidential race as Shapiro is well respected among conservative voters.

However, Shapiro’s comments were not widely welcomed by all conservatives. Many people were damning in their verdict of Shapiro with some calling him a traitor and a no-vote was effectively a vote for the Democrats.

At his public no-vote of confidence, Trump took aim at Shapiro on Twitter, saying he was “very weak on height.” Shapiro retweeted the remarks in what is the latest in a series of back-and fourth insults between the two.

The Trump campaign has begun to show signs of cracking recently following the alleged assault allegations and Trump’s latest remarks on abortion where, if made illegal, he claimed women should face “some sort of punishment”.

Take a look at twitter fall-out below:

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