Dennis Skinner MP flys the flag for the left-wing case for Brexit

A good day has got even better for Vote Leave Campaigners after the Labour MP Dennis Skinner made the case for “Lexit”, or if you’re now bored with word-play, the left-wing case for leaving the EU.

At a time where the defection of Dr Sarah Wollaston from Leave to Remain caused quite the commotion in the media, there has been a relative silence on the latest big name additions to the Leave campaign. Just like Corbyn and McDonnell, Socialist Skinner has been a long time Eurosceptic. Nevertheless, his recent announcement will come as a boost to the left-wing supporters of Brexit who have seen their Socialist Leaders U-turn on the issue in order to keep in line with party rhetoric.

The Remain side have done relatively well thus far in creating a slight left/right divide on the issue of Brexit, with the only reasonably well known “Lexiteers” being Katie Hoey and the ever controversial George Galloway. Prior to this week, one would have been forgiven for being under the impression that those supporting Brexit are in some way xenophobic and racist, such has been the media coverage and the ad-hominem attacks coming from the Remain camp. Add to this the strong UKIP presence during the campaign as well as disillusioned Tories, and the image isn’t exactly friendly for left-wingers. However, the strong performance of Labour MP Gisela Stuart in last night’s ITV debate on the EU (where the consensus is that she performed the best of the six MP’s), and now the announcements of Dennis Skinner and fellow Labourite John Mann, has given a new impetus to the Leave campaign.

The left-wing case for Brexit has been sadly under-exploited by Leave campaigners and is perhaps a perspective that Skinner (who was kicked out of the House of Commons recently for referring to the Prime Minister as “dodgy Dave”) can help bring to the fore. The veteran MP touched upon the issue when he told Socialist Newspaper the Morning Star that he has voted against every single treaty “not because I’m a flag waver, like the Tories, but because I believe eventually the European Union will fail. And I think I’ve been proved right, up until now.

“And I forecast that when they enlarged the European community from 12 to 27 that most of those of countries from the ex-Soviet block will turn out to be right-wing. And they are”.

He also said that while there used to be plenty of Socialist governments within Europe, now Francois Hollande’s is the only remaining one, and that is hanging on by the “skin of it’s teeth”.

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